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Fake ID Articles & Document Archive

a load of creative writing on the topic of moody ID cards.

Over the years, we’ve developed and collated a wide range of articles, think-pieces and research on the topic of Fake ID. These are either original pieces on the topic of fake and fraudulent documentation, or they are interpretations of existing news or current affairs articles. Where possible, we have credited the original source material.

1 American Liquor Laws Under Siege from Fake IDs

The CDC states that 11% of all yearly alcohol consumption is attributable to 12 to 20 year olds. The legal age for drinking alcohol in the USA is 21.

2 Booze Sellers Turn to Tech to Tackle Fake ID

Read about retailers use of technology to deter and detect the use of fake ID in UK stores.

3 Could Facial Scanners Open New Front in Fake ID Wars?

Find out how facial recognition systems might disrupt the global underground trade in Fake IDs.

4 Even Old Timers Need Fake IDs for Some Booze Buys

Old Age Pensioners using fake ID cards to take advantage of US Veteran discounts

5 Exams Signal Annual Warning on Fake ID Epidemic

GSCE Results may trigger a rise in use of second-hand or stolen identity cards

6 Fake IDs Go Hi-Tech Say US Businesses

Technical advances and lower hardware prices are driving an increase in high-tech undetectable fake ID cards.

7 Fake IDs Help Break 18 Year Kidnap Case

Kidnapped child finally reunited with her family when she uses fraudulent credentials unbeknownst to her.

8 German Lawmakers Sharpen Fake ID Rules in Asylum Seeker Crackdown

In the wake of a sharp uptick of asylum seekers, Germany clamps down on fake ID checks.

9 Illinois Woman Snags New Chevy with Stolen ID and Fake Card

Felonies committed as woman obtains new car with stolen social security card.

10 Lucrative Fake ID Operation Exposed in TV Sting

Undercover reporter finds residence permits being sold by immigrant gang.

11 No, Kiera Knightley Was Not Just Busted for Fraud in Texas

Fraudulent credit application by man in Hollywood A-Lister actress’s name.

12 Nurse Used Fake ID to Nab Grant

Bursary application using false credentials leads to dismissal from nursing post.

13 Ohio Highway Patrol Round Up Underage Drinkers

Student alcohol poisoning death leads to underage crackdown.

14 Oklahoma Finally Joins National ID Standard

Legislators in Oklahoma adopt national card design standard to combat fraud & terrorism.

15 Rounders Newly Knowledgeable Bouncers

Door staff collect over 500 false ID cards by quizzing holders on trivia.

16 Students’ Fake IDs Can Ruin Lives Say Bar Staff

Consequences of underage drinking become real for Florida bar staff

17 Terror-linked Fake ID Gang Caged

Belgian Fake ID manufacturing gangs with subversive links sentenced.

18 The Secrets in Your Fake ID’s Barcodes

Are scannable fake ID’s really scannable? An online service is launched to read card barcodes.

19 Top TV Soap Puts Fake IDs at Centre of Storyline

Australian soap opera features a fake ID card as major plot point. Strewth!

20 Would-Be Rapper’s Fake ID Search Interests Online Cops

Twitter rapper based in Winnipeg asks for fake ID hook-ups on line and gets more than he bargained for.

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