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Download Free Fake Driving Licence Templates

⚠️ there are no fake UK driving licence templates (or any other country) hosted or linked from this page

If you do your research on fake ID sites, you’ll find many unhappy customers who have sent their hard-earned money to sites offering cards and got nothing back in return. Scam victims feel they have no recourse to the law as they may have committed a “crime” in attempting to buy fraudulent identification. Many sites, if they do ship a product, provide a very low quality ID card which is of no use to the customer.

So what’s the alternative? Some people might want to try make their own fake ID. The most difficult part of making a convincing drivers licence or passport (aside from the procurement of tens of thousands of pounds of specialist equipment and skills) is surely the problem of sourcing an accurate template of the original document.

There are numerous internet forums and sites such as fake ID vendors and certain subreddits etc which give advice on how to make fake IDs using downloaded templates.

In doing so, you need to be aware of the following hard facts:

  1. If you’re trying to copy an existing state ID card or document, you are probably breaking the law, and
  2. You definitely won’t have the equipment, access to supplies or skills to make a good fist of it.

There are loads of ZIP and RAR files floating around the internet claiming to have 1:1 perfect reproductions of UK Driving Licences, USA State Licences, passports and more. We’ve downloaded some of them, and while they’re OK in terms of design detail, it is our expert opinion that it’s impossible to make a decent copy of any card from them.

The majority of downloadable fake ID templates are in Illustrator or PDF format, with sample data overlaid. In order to edit your template, you’ll need to delete the existing data and photograph.

We’ve also read many of the tutorials to make Fake IDs. These all seem to predate the most recent developments in identification card technologies, referring to laminate hologram butterfly pouches, reflective gold powder, special magnetic stripe cards, Alps Printers, and other exciting sounding stuff.

🛑 It is our considered opinion that not only is it illegal to try to make fake IDs at home, it is a colossal waste of time.

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