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  1. Pick the card you want
  2. Fill out the form, add your picture
  3. Send us payment in the post (cash, cheques) or pay with cryptocurrency (faster).
  4. We send you the card in the post, and it arrives a few days later.

Ordering a fake ID is easy, simply add the cards you want to the cart, then go to checkout and follow the form. You need to give us the details for the ID card, upload your picture and give us your delivery address.

You and your friends can order cards in the one order, simply add as many cards as you want and the price is automatically calculated.

You need to upload a photo from your phone or computer. How to take a good ID card photo.

Once the form is complete, you’ll be given an order number and detailed instructions.

Cash / Cheque Payments :

If paying by cash, you will see an address that you need to post your payment and order number to. Your order number is emailed to you and shown when your order completes. You can use this to track your order.

It’s free to post orders to us within the UK, you don’t need a stamp if you use our FREEPOST address.

Cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin etc)

If paying by cryptocurrency, simply transfer the correct amount to our wallet and your order is printed the next working day.

Learn about cryptocurrencies here.

Use your phone to take a good, clear photo of yourself.

Any modern phone will take a good picture.

Please do these things :

✔️ The photo should be well lit.

✔️ Take a picture against a plain background.

✔️ Look straight at the camera.

Please don’t do these things :

❌ Don’t wear glasses or a hat.

❌ Don’t make a stupid face.

❌ Don’t have anyone else in the picture.

❌ Don’t take a picture of another picture, it always turns out terrible.

❌ Don’t try to Photoshop the photo yourself.

❌ Don’t take the picture at an angle.

Can I pick up my fake ID in person at your office?

❌ NO, don’t attempt this.

Cards are not manufactured in the UK. Our office is a virtual office, none of our staff are present there. If you attempt to call into our office to leave in payment or collect a card, you will be refused entry and you will have wasted half a day.

Once you’ve completed the order form, there’s a detailed guide on where to send payment, which is also emailed to you.

You can pay for your ID cards in the following ways :

Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency

Fast but a bit complicated to get.

Orders paid by Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are made the next working day.

Simply complete the order form and tap the “pay with coin” button.

Learn more about cryptocurrencies here.


We accept cash in the form of notes in major currencies. We recommend you seal the envelope carefully with tape. You can send a letter by Signed For® 1st Class for £2.25 at any post office.


Recorded delivery ensures your order gets to us. If your cash payment goes missing in the system and you have not sent it by recorded delivery, we cannot be held responsible.

We will not return any overpayment in the form of change, so please ensure you post the correct amount of cash.

⚠️ DON’T SEND COINS IN THE POST. Any orders paid with coins will not be processed or refunded.


We accept cheques in most currencies provided they are correctly filled out and signed by the account owner. The details are provided in the order form.

Postal Orders, Bank Drafts and Money Orders

We can accept postal orders, bank drafts and money orders in Sterling, Euro and other currencies.

Buying Fake ID with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal, Monzo, Revolut, Pingit etc

We cannot accept payment for Fake ID using any of these methods, don’t wast your time in asking.

How are Fake IDs posted or shipped?

All orders are posted by untracked, unrecorded delivery. We do not use or offer FedEx or UPS delivery.

We post the cards in an ordinary white envelope, the same kind you’d get a bill or letter in.

The cards are wrapped in a thick piece of A4 paper which is folded down to fit the envelope. Our terms and conditions and other info are printed on the mailer. This makes it hard to see or feel the ID cards inside.

The only things that are printed on the envelope are your name and address as supplied by you, and our return address (London mailing address).

In the event your letter is undelivered it will be returned to us.

Larger orders of 10 or more cards are enclosed in a padded envelope.

All envelopes are securely taped shut.

How long does it take to get a fake ID?

We will email you when we receive your payment, when we are printing your cards and finally when your cards are dispatched.

Payment by Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency.

Orders paid by Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies are made the next working day. The delivery time depends on the postal service and where you are.

Estimate delivery times :

From the UK : 5 days

From Europe : 7 days

Rest of World : 7 to 15 days

Orders paid by Cash, Cheque or Postal Order

We make the orders the same day we receive the payment. You need to add in the time it takes for the payment to get to us.

Once we post your order, you will receive an email notification.

Estimate delivery times :

From the UK : 5 days

From Europe : 7 days

Rest of World : 7 to 15 days

All orders are sent by standard mail, with no tracking or tracing ability.

✔️ You are able to edit your card details or delivery details up until we receive your payment.

How do I change my ID card order?

To change your details, simply log into your account (one is automatically created for you using your email address).

You can also enter your email address or tracking code here and you can edit your card details there.

❌ We will not edit any details for you. We cannot issue cards with a date of birth before 1980.

Do not ask us to edit any details for you.

Can I get my fake ID shipped express?

Any site offering “next day ID” is simply lying to you. It’s not possible to post payment to us, us to receive it and print your cards, post the cards back to you within 24 hours. These cards are bespoke, customised items and while we print every working day, it is not possible to get ID cards in a day.

⚠️ Please do not ask us to make these cards quickly, or to a deadline.

Don’t rely on us to deliver a card on time for a special occasion, the postal system can be slow and unreliable, and it’s out of our control.

How do I take a photo for my fake ID?

In the order form, tap the “upload photo” button and choose the picture you want from your phone or computer.

For your signature, you can either write it using your finger or mouse on screen, or choose from a range of autogenerated hand writing typeface generated signatures.

You don’t need to post in a passport photo.

Do I need to pay for postage or shipping for my fake ID?

Nope – all card prices include delivery to any address in the world.

If sending the order from the UK, you don’t need to use a stamp if you avail of our FREEPOST address.

⚠️ We do not offer tracked shipping or express shipping.

Fake ID discounts and special offers

We offer great discounts and price reductions if you order with a friend or a gang of people – check out our discounts here.

What happens if there’s a mistake on my card?

Terrible Photo

If you submit a terrible photo, we might catch it and email you for a new one. To avoid this, submit a good photo.

Mistake on Card

If you get your card and there’s an error on it which is your fault – you put the wrong details down, we cannot reprint it for you.

We offer a card preview at the time of ordering, so please check the preview and make sure everything is right. You can change details and photos right up to when we receive payment from you.

❌ Don’t contact us to change your card details or photo.

❌We won’t make any edits to the cards for you.

You will not be refunded if you make a mistake when ordering.

If you make a mistake, just start again and get another order number. You can cancel your order and go back to the start without having to enter your details in again.

Printing Errors

If there are errors in the print process (bits missing, colour issues etc) we should spot them in post production quality assurance. In the event that you are unhappy with the print quality, please contact us via the website to arrange a free replacement.

It’s really easy to cancel any order you place – the order form and email sent to you have big red buttons at every stage where you can cancel your order.

If you press the big red cancel button, we will email with details of every order you’ve made using that email address. You can then choose to cancel some or all of the orders.

You must cancel the order yourself. Don’t email us asking to cancel it, we won’t.

We will not issue “refunds” for any cancelled order. Once we receive an order payment, you cannot cancel the order.

Your order details are deleted from our server shortly after you cancel it.

We will cooperate fully with any enquiry from a police force. Any enquiry sent to us via the contact us form using a police.uk domain or national equivalent police service will be answered and cooperated with fully.

Other than that, your details are completely secure and will not be shared with any third parties. Your data is completely deleted 3 months after entry into our systems.

If you use or attempt to use any of our products in an illegal manner we will cooperate with any law enforcement agency in relation to your data.

As of 2022, we reckon there’s over 250 sites offering fake ID of various types on the web. Only 4 or 5 of these sites are based in the UK. There are definitely scam sites operating on the web, and it’s difficult to tell from the outset whether you’ll get ripped off.

All we can say is that we have been successfully printing quality fake ID for the last 20 years. We will respond to any enquiry and we offer quality customer service.

Yes! It is 100% safe to order from us provided you follow our instructions and advice.

The fastest, quickest and safest way to order fake ID is using bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. We accept over 2000 coins and tokens.

Payment by cheque or postal orders are 100% safe also – if your letter gets lost in the post, you can stop the cheque.

Cash payments can be sent safely through the mail if you send the letter by “1st Class Signed For” service from Royal Mail or your local postal service equivalent. It only costs £2.06 to send your order in this way.

When we receive your payment, you will get an email from us.

When your order is posted, we will also email you.

We don’t send any orders via tracked post, so you have to wait for the postal service to deliver your order.

You can check the status of any order by logging into the “track my orders” section using your email or tracking code.

We will not answer any vague order tracking emails sent via the contact form. You must use the order tracking tool to contact us.

Any threats or violent language will result in your order being cancelled and no refunds being issued.


None of the following constitutes legal advice. Check out this page for info on UK legislation regarding fake ID.

If in doubt, please contact a solicitor or lawyer.

The cards sold on fakeid.co.uk are legal because they do not infringe on any copyright or trademark. The designs of cards are not similar to any existing document issued by any state body or institution.

All of the cards sold by fakeid.co.uk have small disclaimers on the reverse in small typo stating the above in condensed terms.

None of the cards supplied are illegal to manufacture, purchase or possess.

It may be illegal to use these cards to misrepresent yourself in your jurisdiction.

In the UK, it is illegal to use these cards to lie about your age.

When you order ID cards from this website, you agree to accept our terms and conditions, and that you understand the legal consequences that may flow from abusing the cards in an illegal manner.

Our cards are entirely useless for any purpose other than novelty use.

This site is not illegal. No products sold via the site are illegal. There are harsh penalties for misrepresentation or obtaining goods and services by deception. It is your responsibility to determine the legality of possession and use of the cards supplied by Fake ID UK in your jurisdiction.

Noveltly use includes playing jokes on friends, fancy dress etc. The only limit is your imagination!

It is not illegal to buy or possess the novelty cards provided by this website. It may be the case that using these or other novelty fake ID cards to misrepresent some aspect of yourself or your status is illegal. For example, using an ID card to lie about your age to obtain an age restricted product is quite likely illegal and can land you in serious trouble.

Common abuses of fake ID or substituted, genuine state issued Identity Documents include buying alcohol, cigarettes or entering an age restricted premises such as a Casino. Impersonation and/or third party use of a fake or genuine ID document to open a bank account is almost certainly a serious offence in any jurisdiction.

Any of these abuses or violations of the law in your locale may be severely punishable with fines or custodial sentences.

The cards provided by fakeid.co.uk or indeed any other novelty fake ID producer will not be of any great use in a fraud scheme or attempt to obtain goods or services by deception.

Banks and KYC agencies will detect the use of a novelty fake ID card made by any site as their software is sufficiently advanced.

In the event that you are stupid enough to use one of our cards to commit a crime, we will cooperate fully with any police investigation.

Our cards are designed by a team of professionals to be visually stunning and impressive. It’s not possible for us to comment on the “effective” nature of the cards in our range, to avoid any implication that there are uses outside of pure novelty joke use.

Please do not purchase a card from fakeid.co.uk if you intend to use it to break the law.

Any modern ID card scanner used in a nightclub, pub or venue will detect any card provided by us as not genuine. This is the same for any cards supplied by any fake ID website. See the fake ID scanner page for more information.

Your details, photo and signature are merged into a single PDF and layered on top of the card background graphics – all the design elements that do not change from card to card.

We use high quality pentawhite PVC or Polycarbonate card stock which has a multispectral ultraviolet ink layer preprinted.

The cards are printed using a high quality, high definition retransfer process in which the card image is first printed onto a clear polyester film, then the film is bonded to the card at a high temperature.

This produces a high contrast, sharp printed image which is inseparable from the card body.

The card is then laminated using a proprietary hard wearing overlaminate featuring a high security holographic image.

The total investment in design, equipment and processes exceeds £250,000.

Our cards may feature some or all of the following features or techniques :

High quality intricate design

Fine detailed guilloche and relief design

Microtext and repeating text patterns

Custom Hologram Overlays

Functional and encoded magnetic strips or barcodes

Full colour dual-sided retransfer printing

Integrated custom UV layered blank card stock

All cards made by fakeid.co.uk feature hologram overlays and ultraviolet graphics as standard, at no extra cost.

We will not replicate, reproduce, copy or otherwise alter any card you have. Don’t ask us, we won’t bother replying to you.

We will not make any cards that are not displayed on the website. Please don’t waste your time or ours by asking us this in the contact form, you will not get a reply.

We will not make any card that replicates or closely replicates any of the documents listed below.

Over the years we have received requests for all these cards to be copied and more – the answer is always NO.

If you ask for something spectacularly illegal such as a pilot’s licence, we will forward your details to the London Metropolitan Police.

Do not ask for any of the following items to be faked or copied – we won’t answer you

Fake Bills or Documents

Fake Connexions Card

Fake CSCS Card

Fake Diplomatic Credentials

Fake Driving Licence

Fake DVLA Card

Fake Garda ID Card

Fake GNIB card

Fake Immigration Certificates

Fake Local Council Card

Fake National Age Card

Fake National Insurance Card

Fake NUS Card

Fake Pilot’s Licence

Fake Portman Prove It Card

Fake Provisional Driving Licence

Fake Skills Card

Fake Student Card

False or Fake Passports

We sell to most of the countries in the world. If you order a card and you find that the delivery country is not listed in the dropdown menu, we don’t deliver to that country, sorry!

All the cards we provide are expressly sold as novelty items. In the narrow sense that they can be used as such, then yes, the cards “work”. If your question relates to whether these cards can be used to successfully lie about your age or status, we will kindly ask you to go elsewhere.

Our cards are high tech, high quality creations that are well worth the low prices we charge.

We’ve been printing fake ID for the UK and worldwide for more than 20 years, so we must be doing something right.

We’ve perfected fake ID over the last 20 years of solid, trustworthy trading. We are proud to continually invest in new designs, equipment and processes to make sure our fake ID cards are at the cutting edge of technology.

Our production process has been honed to deliver quality fake ID in the shortest possible time. We update our technology and designs frequently so you can be assured of receiving the best quality fake ID available anywhere.

You do not. Simply upload a high quality photo from your phone – see here for more details.

We’ll do the rest. You can choose to have your photo printed in colour or black and white.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us here.

Asking for something illegal, or for something covered in the FAQ here will result in no reply being received.

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