UK Driver’s License Pink Style Card
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UK Driver’s License Pink Style Card


This is a classic identity card design, in production for over 10 years. It’s a best selling card, with a detailed background design featuring swirled microtext on a colour background. Guaranteed to impress, it’s available with an optional UV layer which you can only see under UV light.

As with cards 1 & 2 in our range, you can specify which title you want to display : “National Identification” or “Driver’s License”

The face of the cards has your personal data and scanned signature printed in a machine readable format. Your photo is reproduced in High Def, colour or black and white, it’s your choice.
You can sign the card using our custom generated signatures or by using your finger or mouse as a pen.

The front of the card features custom flag choice, scanned signature and machine readable data. Add your own photo via the photo uploader, and either sign your signature by hand or choose from one of our automatically generated custom signatures.

⚠️Read our disclaimers here.
This is in no way an official document and cannot be used to legally drive a vehicle anywhere.

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Front of Card

Photo (in black or white), signature and custom flag choice. “2019” on the card will be printed as 2023.
Intertwined guilloche design commissioned specifically for this card.
Hologram laminate layer applied to front of card as standard.

Reverse of Card

A subtle grey-to-silver gradient duplication of the anti-counterfeit front design. PDF217 barcode, machine readable OCR serial number.

Feature List

Super High Definition retransfer printed card, the same size as a credit card.

Full spectrum microprint and micro design elements both side.

Heat-fused Poly laminate film with detailed hologram design.

Scanner friendly serial number in OCR-B machine typeface to reverse.

Optional Titles : Drivers Licence or National Identification

⚠️  Please note we will not change the title to read Driver Licence or Driving Licence or any other variation that would imply it is an official document.