National Student Card Fake ID
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National Student Card Fake ID


The University Style Card is a sharp, modern design for Student Identification. As with all the cards in our range, it is presented with a durable layer of high-detail hologram to the front.
Your cardholder data is presented in an easy-to-read grid format, with your details overlaid on a boxes featuring diagonal line accents.

The card is simple, yet visually striking and effective. It’s customisable too – you choose the “attending” field with text of your choice.

Packed with features, it is further enhanced with a detailed barcode (Code 39 format) which bears your card number and other details. You choose the card issue date, and a validity term is automatically calculated and added to the “Expiry field”.

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Front of Card

Photo (in black or white), signature and custom flag choice.
Crosshatch elements provide the background for your details, produced in crisp black text.
A tough layer of hologram overlaminate provides card protection and improves visual security.

Reverse of Card

A subtle gradient and crest combined with encoded magnetic stripe complement the simple yet effective design of the front of this card.

Feature List

Ultra HD (600+ dots per inch) retransfer card production. Durable and flexible card.

Heat-fused Poly laminate film with detailed hologram design.

Scanner friendly serial number in OCR-B machine typeface, Code 39 barcode to face.

⚠️ Please note we will block any card titles that conflict with any existing institutions, colleges or universities.