Customisable College Card
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Customisable College Card


The Customisable College Card is the first card in our Standard Range. It’s a visually impressive, well designed and effective fake ID card. You can choose the title to be printed along the top of the card.

As with our Premium Range, this card and all Standard Cards are manufactured with an integrated, highly detailed multi-spectral hologram overlay. The card can be further enhanced by upgrading to a UV layer, which is only visible when the card is exposed to UltraViolet light.

It’s customised on both front and back. To the front, your photo, date of birth, name and Student ID number are printed in crisp black text. You choose the title of the card which is printed in a classic Roman typeface. A barcode encodes your card details allowing it to be scanned using any compatible barcode reader. The card expiry date can also be customised.

To the reverse, the card is finished with your signature and a magnetic stripe, encoded with your card data.

⚠️ All cards sold on this site are for novelty use only and have no legal status. Read the info pages for more.

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Front of Card

Photo (in black or white), barcode, custom choice of card title and expiry (valid until) date.
Oak leaf artwork screened in background.
A tough layer of hologram overlaminate protects and further enhances your card.

Reverse of Card

The reverse is clutter free, featuring only your signature (which you can sign yourself or autogenerate using our form). The magnetic stripe is encoded with your cardholder data.

Feature List

Credit card sized custom manufactured PVC card.

High resolution barcode and custom title choice.

Hololgram overlaminate layer fused to card with 190° temperature.

Hi-Co Magnetic Strip with details encoded.

⚠️ Please note we will block any card titles that conflict with any existing institutions, colleges or universities.