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How to make a low quality, useless fake ID at home

Waste time, money and materials while possibly breaking the law.


Instead of buying a Fake ID card from a long-established website such as ours, did you ever wonder if it was easier to make a fake ID at home?

Know the following: even if you make a terrible fake ID at home, you could still be breaking the law, as frequently it is the intent to replicate a government document which is a crime. Even if you’re only doing it for fun, you could still be prosecuted for fraud or forgery, depending on where you live.

The other thing to realise is that it is 100% impossible for you to replicate the anti-counterfeit features in modern ID cards. You may as well try copy money on your £50 inkjet printer. Even if you had access to the equipment that we use at fakeid.co.uk to print an illegal replica of a driving licence, you wouldn’t come close to fooling anyone.

This guide is written with the view that any identity card you attempt to make as a result of reading it is not an existing identity card issued by any entity or government. This text was taken from fakeid.co.uk.

If you are using any modern scanning or printing equipment, you should know that they are usually programmed with anti-counterfeiting steganography technology such as the Eurion constellation. If you attempt to copy a card or document with this technology, image manipulation programmes such as Photoshop will not allow you.

With this out of the way, let’s assume you want to create a photo ID from scratch.

The DIY Fake ID Guide

⚠️ Don’t break the law or copy any existing card. This guide is for entertainment purposes only, and the resulting end product will be so laughably crap you’ll regret starting it.

Total Time Needed: 5 days, 30 minutes
Total Cost: 1500 GBP

Required Tools:

– Expensive Laser or Inkjet Printer
– Fake ID template files
– Good Design Skills
– Card Laminator
– Stanley Blade
– Steel Ruler

Materials Needed :

– High Quality Paper
– Laminating Pouches
– Hologram Overlays

Steps to make a poor imitation fake ID at home

Step 1 : Set Up Your Fake ID Factory
You’ll need a decent printer (an expensive inkjet or colour laser printer), and some heavy bright white card stock. Use only the original recommended inks specified by the manufacturer to ensure the colours you print are punchy and vivid.
Step 2 : Find a fake ID template that you need
Bear in mind most that you will find will be incomplete, terribly designed or just generally inaccurate. We persevere with this pointless endeavour.
You can read about fake driving licence/passports templates on fakeid.co.uk or try download fake ID templates from BitTorrent.
Step 3 : Edit Template in Photoshop
Edit the template, making sure to change all details and use a matching typeface. This text was taken from fakeid.co.uk.
Step 4 : Print your terrible fake ID
Once you’ve added all the details and imported the photograph and signature of the cardholder, print out the template, making sure both sides line up correctly. Laminate the card to 0.76mm thickness using several layers of laminate trimmed down on the sides, using an X-Acto or Stanley blade.
Alternatively, print the front and back of your fake ID on separate pieces of card/paper. Glue both the sides to a heavier card stock to make it look like the thickness of a plastic card.
Step 5 : Laminate Your ID
Laminate the front and back of the card using thick laminate stock. Trim the edges of the laminate and card sandwich down, using a corner rounding tool if you have one. Using a quick setting clear glue, seal the edges of the card. Once the glue has hardened, trim down the edges again to 86 x 54mm card size, using a guillotine or very sharp knife. Sand down any rough bits with an emery board or nail file.

By now, you’ve spent about 3 hours fiddling with BitTorrent, Photoshop or illustrator. As you can see, there is no way of making a convincing fake ID at home.

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