Alternative Student Card UK & EU
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Alternative Student Card UK & EU


The last card in our Student Card range is by no means the least – with a crisp, simple blue design incorporating microprint elements and halftones. It’s got an encoded magnetic strip which, when scanned, will report your cardholder data such as name and card number.

You customise all the cardholder data the front of the card, including Place of Study.

The reverse of the card features a “low-poly” greyscale background image, “Contactless” logo and icon, with the lower part of the card reserved for a magnetic stripe which holds your card data for easy scanning.

Further upgrade your card by adding a custom design UltraViolet layer which is only revealed when the card is exposed to UV light.

add a UV overlay for €6

Add extra card of €6

Free delivery for orders of any size.

  • Fast delivery with debit card / credit card payments.
  • Pay with card and your order is made the next working day.
  • Card preview so you can be sure of your order.


Front of Card

Photo (in black or white), signature and custom flag choice.
Halftone gradient pattern custom design.
Hologram laminate layer applied to front of card as standard.

Reverse of Card

A subtle grey-to-silver gradient duplication of the anti-counterfeit front design. Magnetic Stripe and Contactless logo.

Feature List

Super High Definition retransfer printed card, the same size as a credit card.

Full spectrum microprint and micro design elements both side.

Heat-fused Poly laminate film with detailed hologram design.

Scanner friendly serial number in OCR-B machine typeface to reverse.

⚠️ Please note we will block any card titles that conflict with any existing institutions, colleges or universities.

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