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UK Fake ID Sites Listings

Four sites which sell legal novelty ID cards, and one which claims to sell illegal driving licences.

There are only FIVE fake ID vendors operating in the UK market. Any other site is not verified to delivery. You may get scammed.

⚠ Do not take what is on this page as a guarantee that you’ll get your cards, anything could happen from the time this page was written to when you read it.

In no particular order, these sites are :

Site #1 fakeid.co.uk (this site). Since 1996.

Well we’d have to rate ourselves Number 1! 8 card designs. Novelty Cards from £25 to £30 each, additional cards £10.

1900+ Cryptocurrencies, Cash, Cheque and Postal Orders Accepted.

Site #2  fakeidentification.co.uk Since 1999.

Long established vendor of fake IDs. 11 Card Designs. Novelty Cards from £20 to £50. Discounts for multiple orders.

Bitcoin and Cash accepted.

Site #3  myfakeid.biz Since 2011.

9 Novelty Cards from £10 (for joke cards) to £30 for novelty fake IDs.

Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and Cash accepted.

Site #4  noveltyid40.co.uk Since 2017.

100+ novelty fake ID and student cards. Cash and crypto accepted.

Site #5 fake-id-uk.com Since 2018 (as fakeiduk.eu)

Offering illegal “100% copies of UK Driving Licence” cards. Read our legal guides about buying such cards. We are fairly certain this site is not a scam, but you’re probably going to get in to trouble if you buy one. £50 per card. Cryptocurrencies accepted.

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