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Get a driving licence without doing the test

– is it possible? Short answer, no.

If you’re the nervous type, can’t seem to pass the test and now you’re on your fifth provisional driving licence, you’re going to get frustrated. All your friends passed first time, why can’t you? Life is unfair.

You might find yourself searching for something like ‘driving licence no test’ or similar.  There’s a wide variety offering a service that seems to mean you can get a real, registered legitimate full driving licence for only a few hundred quid!

Many of these sites are professionally designed, with lots of stock photography of dudes in suits sitting around a boardroom table, ready to make your fake, I mean real driver’s licence.

What if you’ve got 11 penalty points? What if you could swap your UK licence for a Polish Driving Licence, then swap it back? All the penalty points will disappear off your new UK licence, right?

Both these type of sites have been around for years and years, probably two decades now. They are all scams. They prey on the desperation of those who need a driving licence to legally get around, or for work.

The central premise is that you can either get a full licence without a test or have your penalty points cleared off the slate early. Unfortunately advances in big data analytics and increased cooperation between jurisdictions mean this is no longer possible.

It’s impossible to fake the database entry.

Even if you just purchase an illegal fake ID from one of the many online vendors, the card you receive is just that, a piece of plastic card. The record that is held in the central driving licence issuing authority or local country driver registry file still has your real details, and unfortunately your real penalty points level.

Using one of these illegally obtained fake drivers licences does not add your details to the central registry. If you drive with one of these, you are uninsured and unlicensed and are at risk of serious legal repercussions.

⚠️ Don’t take our advice here as gospel. Don’t blame us if anything goes wrong.

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