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Fake ID Guidance

Guides, articles, research and advice on the topic of fake ID.


We have worked hard to create this Information Resource on the topics of Identity Cards, False Identities and related topics.

Table Of Contents

How to Make A Fake ID at Home

Articles on Fake ID & Fake Documents

Download Free Fake Driving Licence Templates

Gallery of Fake ID Documents and Cards

Explanation of Fake ID Terminology

Fake ID Scammers and Rip-Off Sites  How to Avoid Them

Where to Buy Fake ID & Fake Drivers Licences

The Law & Fake ID : Legal Issues & Police Trouble

Fake Documents & Bills ·  Fraudulent Diploma Merchants

UK Fake ID Vendors

Fake ID & Real ID : Spot The Difference

Fake ID Nightclub Scanners & Fake ID Generator Apps

Dark Web & Fake ID : An Unbiased View

How to get a legitimate driving licence without doing the test : Total Bullshit

Explainers and Video Tutorials on Fake ID

Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions and concerns about fake ID. We cover topics like fake passport manufacturers, the legality of fake driving “licences” and documents.

The web is full of sites offering all sorts of fake documentation, cards and fake certificates. How can you know who to trust, and is it illegal to buy from these  sites? We’ll help you identify common scams and rip-off tactics, as well as inform you about legalities surrounding the whole area of fake ID and fraudulent documentation.

Interested in making an ID card at home? We’ve compiled some handy links and tutorials so you can waste your time trying to make a fake ID.

If you’re baffled by all the terminology and strange words used to describe ID card printing, fake ID manufacture and document security, head on over to our glossary of fake ID terms.

Over the years we’ve written many news articles on the topic of fake IDs and the legal issues surrounding their use, all available in our fake ID news archive.

Looking to buy a fake ID, fake driving licence or a fake passport? We’ve done our research into over 50 sites purporting to sell all kinds of illegal fake documents. Read our advice on how to avoid losing your money to one of the many blatant scam sites which are prevalent on the web and social media today.

Many sites offer free fake ID templates to download, so you can print your own driving licence or passport in the comfort of your own basement. Read our in-depth explanation of why this is a bad idea, which is never going to work. You can download driving licence templates anyway, what do we know.

Did you ever wonder what happens if you’re caught with a fake ID? We’ve expertly researched legal opinion on the law in the UK and the EU regarding usage of illegal fake ID.

Where can you buy good UK Fake ID? We round up all the currently operating UK fake ID sites, offering both legal novelty ID Cards and illegal fake drivers licences.

Failed medical college? Maybe you should get a fake medical diploma?

Here we list out sites that claim to offer fake degrees and diplomas, and let you know why they’re worse than useless in the real world.

Technology has caught up with fake ID manufacturers in recent years. Have a read about how “scannable fake ID” is just a myth. Find out how fake ID scanners work in our helpful article.

The rise of cryptocurrency and the dark web have opened up new opportunities to buy illegal drugs and fake ID. Our research into this
topic identifies dark web sites selling fake IDs and the many difficulties faced by potential fake ID customers using the dark web.

Looking to find out how to get a real, legitimate drivers licence without taking the test? We research various sites offering this

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