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Crackdown on Teenage Drinkers using Fake IDs


As British local authorities continue to crack down on under age drinkers, thirsty teenagers are turning increasingly to fake IDs to try and get a pint they aren’t legally entitled to.

Sefton council near Liverpool came up with a three year plan to deal with young drinkers after a major survey revealed the extent of the problem in their borough.

Council officials asked over 1,200 youngsters aged from 14 to 17-years-old about drinking behaviour. And, there was some good news for local authority and public health officials as the survey reported drops in binge drinking (8% less than in 2009), drinking to get drunk (a 7% drop from 2009) and the number of youngsters who have never drunk has doubled.

However, faced with stricter age checks from legitimate alcohol suppliers kids are turning to mum and dad to make the purchases for them or getting their hands on fake IDs.

The numbers asking their parents to break the law for them have risen by 7%.

Local landlady Julie Butterworth says stricter checks in pubs were pushing youngsters in the direction of fake IDs.

She said: “There is absolutely no chance that young people would get served in a place like this. We ID everybody, and the company we work for hold three month refresher courses on age checks.”

That means that according to this report 11% of Sefton youngsters are sporting fake ID cards to try and get around the checks. A resourceful 34% of these youngsters mock up their own fakes, while nearly as many (32%) turn to the internet and the growing number of fake ID sites – many of which are straight scams which will take advantage of the naiveté of such customers by taking their cash without supplying anything.

British drinkers can take a beer or a glass of wine with a meal from the age of 16 but cannot buy alcohol legally until they are 18.

Public health officials are concerned that starting drinking younger may be an indicator of problems to come. Underage smokers start younger – 19% of them having their first cigarette aged 10, a full eight years before they can legally buy tobacco.

93 Held in Fake ID swoop


Getting their hands on a New Jersey driving license was obviously enough for some people to risk jail. Ninety-three people were arrested in June as part of an operation against an organised fake ID ring.

Young-Kyu Park formerly of Fort Lee in the state was just one of the arrestees and said to be at the head of an operation which had seen applications for genuine drivers’ licenses made with fake documents.

The United States authorities take any crime involving fake ID very seriously and both New Jersey State authorities and Federal Government law enforcement were involved in the operation.

Park has now decamped to Los Angeles but his move wasn’t enough to outrun the long arm of the law in this case. His illegal fake ID operation ran in Palisades Park and Fort Lee, New Jersey.

United States Homeland Security, New Jersey State Police’s Auto United and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission took part in the raids after 136 suspect applications for drivers’ licenses were identified.

A Bergen County Superior Court Judge has authorised serious charges against the suspects, which include, falsifying records and tampering with public records.

Police said that the fake documents were used to obtain genuine licenses which then could be used to defraud or protect criminals. Drivers’ licenses are important forms of fake ID and known by authorities as ‘breeder documents’ because they can be used to access a number of further services and obtain more legitimate documents.

The state Motor Vehicle Commission said it had acted to protect the ‘security and integrity’ of its systems.

Three of those arrested have been detained by Homeland Security Investigations and 21 face Federal charges. Police are on the trail of 43 more New Jersey residents who have fake documents.

Eight local police forces and prosecutors offices were also involved in the major operation.

This is a serious business for those caught, 14 of whom who have now been indicted by a federal grand jury and face prosecution by the Organised Crime and Gangs unit of the United States Attorney.

Seven Years Inside the Prospect for ID Fakers


Novelty fake IDs can be a fun and legal way to mess around with your friends. But, if you’re thinking of getting involved with fakers of official United States documents then think again – any websites offering such ID will either scam you or involve you with some pretty serious legal trouble.

In Ohio in July 2012 a trio of suspected fakers were facing the prospect of $10,000 fines and seven years in correctional facilities after a sting operation by the state Highway Patrol and immigration agencies nabbed them.

Local police from Fairfield-Hocking were also involved in the operation alongside Immigration agents and staff from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service.

Their alleged crime? Making fake state ID cards and social security cards. The local cops helped out by posing as customers for the crooks, who were selling an Ohio fake Id and a social security card for $500 – not a bad mark up when you consider the overheads, but a small reward for a long stretch inside the US’s famously friendly prison system.

The charges against the three – current address, Franklin County Jail – were listed as forgery, tampering with government records, and the illegal manufacturing of identification cards.

Fake ID Helped Death Crash Driver Buy Booze


It might seem trivial compared to the death of a young woman, but the addition of fake ID charges to the case against a teenage drunk driver show how serious messing with fake ID can be.

The driver in question was 17 at the time of the crash and has been charged with vehicular homicide and drunk driving after he was involved in a crash that left Hannah Gilmer fatally hurt in Georgia in America’s south.

Two of the friends of drivers Clayton Qualls were arrested after the crash when police found them hiding the beer they are believed to have bought with fake ID. That’s tampering with evidence – a felony.

Qualls now faces a misdemeanour charge under Georgia law on fake ID.

Local police believe that fake ID allowed the teenagers to get their hands on beer that Austin Lott and Daniel Hughes Massengale are now charged with trying to hide after the fatal accident which left a 16-year-old girl dead. 

Lott was the first of the trio to appear in court and was obviously deeply distressed by the ordeal he is going through – he was reportedly unable to speak for much of the hearing.

Police officers who investigated the crash were able to speak though. Two officers reported that two unknown pickup trucks had been at the scene and Lott had been driving one of them – they said that when confronted at police HQ, Lott admitted that he had hidden the beer when asked to do so by Qualls. Police said Lott had thrown a cooler of beer over a nearby fence but police located it later.

Qualls is charged after – police say – the Scion he was driving went out of control on a highway curve and crashed off the road – 16-year-old Hannah Gilmer died in hospital within hours of the wreck after she was thrown from the vehicle.

The two other defendants in the case had been driving ahead of Qualls and after seeing the crash had driven back to help, which to Qualls – according to police – meant getting rid of the alcohol at the scene.

Qualls was already facing a charge of driving while under the influence and illegal possession of alcohol. He had denied drinking after being stopped by a county deputy but failed a breath test.

One young life has been ended and it seems likely that three more will be irrevocably damaged by a crime that started with fake ID.

How Good is that Club? Fake ID Lands Woman in Cells


One woman’s insistence that she should be allowed into a bar has cost her at least one night in the cells and a felony charge because she used fake ID.

The woman, from Suffern in New York State, was so persistent in her attempts to enter the Hudson Grille in White Plains that the bouncers called on the assistance of a local police sergeant and the result will be a court appearance.

The 20-year-old would-be drinker was stopped from entering the bar by bouncers who thought her ID was fake. But the customer – who wielded a New Jersey drivers license in her attempts to prove she was old enough to consume liquor – wouldn’t take no for an answer.

It was in the early hours of the morning and a law officer on bar detail was quickly able to proclaim the ID a fraud and took the woman into custody overnight. She was due to face a court on a charge of felony possession of a forged instrument the next day.

While most users of fake ID are doing just what that unfortunate lady was doing – trying to get a drink that the law says they should not have – the cards can be used for much more serious crimes. An ID system is only as good as its security – once people know it’s easy to get a fake then the whole system starts to crumble – so authorities take a dim view of those who undermine the legitimate identity system.

The woman told police that she had bought the fake for $100 on the internet. In a way she was lucky – most websites offering fake or ‘novelty’ ids online will take your cash and leave you with nothing. They know that what you’re asking – particularly in the United States where security following 9/11 has increased massively – is illegal and you’ll have no come back.

So, while $100 might have seemed a bargain at the time and that club might have seemed just the place she needed to be, the costs of fake ID have proved once again to be much higher than wasted cash.

Harsher fake ID policies required to curb menace


The new law enacted that debars suspects from putting forth plea bargains in fake ID cases has had little effect as the Oxford police claim that there has been no decrease in the number of cases related to fake IDs.

The oxford police department in liaison with the Miami Police department had later in the year announced a change in the policy regarding dealing with cases of fake IDs or impersonation wherein a plea bargain was not to be allowed from the 1st of Jan, 2006. The new rule was made in light of increasing number of cases of usage of fake IDs, but it seems to have had little effect in curbing the menace.

After a year of enacting the new law, the Oxford Police Department claims that they still have as many pending cases of fake IDs as ever before. The only difference is that once you are caught in a case relating to a fake ID, there is nothing you can do other than plead guilty to something.

There is no diversion taken whatsoever when people are caught with fake IDs even though each case is looked at specially. Due to this reason they are all invariably charged with a first-degree offense of misdemeanor. The “certain acts prohibited” conviction and “use of illegal tools” are what are used to classify offenders the difference being that the former is accompanied with a suspension of the driver’s license for six months.

Students and under-age people who are caught with fake IDs are further referred to the Judicial affairs which is an office of ethics in the Miami University which then includes the charge in their transcript as a code 1: dishonesty.

Even though the number of people using fake IDs has not decreased, the harsher laws have sure had a positive impact in that people who have been convicted once, have not repeated the offense. Once they go through all the pains of no plea bargain, people rarely dare commit the crime again, says a sheriff from the OPD.

Crackdown on fake ID usage in clubs approved


A year has passed since the murder of an under-age drinker Imette St. Guillen in a nightclub and a law has been passed by the city council that is aimed at making clubs and bars safer.

The law is aimed at arresting the manufacture and sale of fake IDs by directly hitting the manufacturers and also making it mandatory for all clubs to install security cameras as well as appoint independent monitors or face the risk of having their liquor licenses revoked. The chairman of the council says that the news related to nightlife should remain on page 6 where they belong and deserve no place as headlines and this law is precisely what is aimed at achieving that.

The Mayor seems to be all for the bill and said he would most probably sign it as it would help bring down the number of under-age drinkers who cause of a lot of problem by directly hitting those manufacturing fake IDs.

The New York Nightlife Association has also surprisingly been pro-legislative by claiming that fake ID manufacturers are the main culprits as the clubs cannot be blamed when the fake IDs look extremely genuine and the scanners do not detect them.

Imette, who was an under-age drinker at a nightclub was raped and murdered by an unlicensed bouncer of the nightclub which lead to a furor among social circles and thus precipitating in the enactment of these laws regarding club safety and fake ID crackdowns.

DMV’s net proves futile in curbing fake ID usage


New York State has proven to be the hotspot for scoring fake driving licenses and IDs as students are flocking to buy the cheap fake IDs available here.

All they have to do is log on to the DMV’s New York website and then order a duplicate copy of a driver’s license belonging to a family member or a buddy who is of legal drinking age. It costs $15 for a duplicate and it seems students are only to happy to shell such a paltry sum for an ID issued by the DMV themselves.

Since the process needs no password or any sort of authentication, kids are able to obtain the fake IDs by entering the name, address, zip code and the last four digits of their social security number. These information seems to be easily available to them and they are not hindered by any means in obtaining a duplicate of a driver’s license which they then use as fake IDs to obtain alcohol.

Since the duplicate copy of one person’s driving license can be easily obtained through the use of a debit or credit card in the name of another person, any person can order a duplicate with the bare minimum information about the original license holder.

Fake ID holders are slowly revealing their method of obtaining the IDs and its proving to be shocking to the officials that the loophole in the DMV’s duplicate issue of licenses has also been taken advantage of by the under-age drinkers.

Since most drivers’ licenses only record minimal physical appearance information, it is hard to verify if the holder of the license is actually the real one. For example, scanning a license will reveal such info as the hair and eye color and if these match with the person holding the card, then there’s no way bartenders or attendants can figure out if it’s a fake ID or not.

Under-age drinking being fuelled by Fake ID menace


Raleigh, N.C:  A third of the people charged with buying liquor with the use of fake IDs were in the Triangle say agents from the Alcohol Law Enforcement agency.

Wake Field High School students have been notorious for using fake IDs in organizing liquor parties and one such liquor party organized in January this year was raided by the police. All of those charged were students of Wake Field High School and have been charged on various counts. Four of the students were charged with under-age drinking while another was charged for using an ID that belonged to someone else. One student, Sadiki Young is supposedly to have died in a crash after leaving the party.

Meghan Packer, a major in broadcasting at the Elon University says in his report on fake IDs that the students brazenly make fake IDs in their dorm rooms and are fearless in using them to buy liquor. He adds in his report that after interviewing some students he found that many of them bought fake IDs for as less as $75 and these had proved to be so real that they have never been caught by law enforcement agents.

While using a fake ID comes attracts a charge of misdemeanor, making fake IDs is more severe and attracts a charge of felony which can ruin a high school students life but clandestine manufacturing of fake IDs continues in the dorm rooms of high school students.

Agents claim that improving technology has made it ever harder to spot the fake ones and it takes a lot of experience to catch the culprits. Most students just laminate their driving licenses after erasing and fiddling with the information they need to change and in order to check the authenticity of the ID, agents have to peel out the lamination to check for areas that look tampered.

Nevertheless, many agents pride themselves in being able to spot the fake IDs as some of them recount that they have seized over 40 such fake IDs over the last few months.

Fake IDs and their use


Do you want to know the importance of fake IDs? Ask a high school student, who is an under-age drinker. Internet is loaded with High-Definition templates of driver’s license, Security cards, corporate IDs etc. You name them and it is there. Due to all these factors fake IDs made by high school students turn out to be better than those produced by so called “ document mills” of Florida, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Using laser jet printers and software like Adobe Photoshop, the work is still reduced.

The widespread use of IDs has produced a huge market for the counterfeiters who crank out credible work for a pittance. They obtain expertise in intricate and minute details, from insiders working on original IDs. Some of these “mills” are offshore and they deal online. Their customers, more apparently, turn out to be desperate under-age drinkers.

Most of the students make their own IDs. The Web gives them all the required inputs and step by step procedure of making a convincing ID. Once this is completed, a digital photo taken using cameras or webcam for that matter, will serve their purpose. This completes their dream of having an ID and obtaining a license to do what a 21 year old can do.

ID cards store data regarding age, occupation, birth date in the form of magnetic stripes. These magnetic stripes can be wiped off clean using a magnet and new information can be fed to them. Most of the times, fake IDs turn out to be better than real ones. If not, for a vigilant bouncer or a careful officer under- age drinkers are seldom caught. Closure of a Manhattan Bar and restaurant called The West end near Columbia University, for serving underage drinkers, is an example for how big the fake ID trade is.

Fake IDs brew trouble


Not 21 years old yet? Feel left out when your friends are out partying? All it takes to get a fake ID in a college campus is the right contacts and a little bit of money.

Harris, a computer science student at Syracuse University pleaded to charges of misdemeanor and identity theft when his room was raided and equipments that were used to make more then 300 fake IDs were found along with a few fake IDs as well. He had been selling fake IDs to students of the university for the entire 4 years that he had spent there.

Loyola had a similar incident where two of its freshmen students were arrested from their campus for alleged possession and distribution of fake IDs. They were traced when one of their ‘customers’ caught in Lake County revealed that he had bought the fake ID from students of Loyola.

Most students believe that getting a fake ID is not difficult at all. In fact, Jessica admitted that during her freshman year, she and a friend had made fake IDs on their own with a scanner, a computer and a printer. All they had to do was scan their original IDs, make changes to the date of birth with editing software and then print those out on good quality paper after which they got it laminated. Jessica adds that they passed in most bars and clubs and she was never caught.

A search on google is said to result on 145,000 hits out of which at least half would be offering to make fake IDs. Some of the websites claim that they have received over 2 million hits from the day they have established.

Not all people go to the internet for getting a fake ID. A lot of people approach friends or contacts they have been introduced to but since making a fake ID is extremely risky, it’s usually only close friends who will take the risk.

The problem with fake IDs still being passed as genuine ones actually lies with the bard and liquor stores. Most of the stores need the business and wouldn’t really want to be turned away so they gamble. Either they make a profit from the business or if they are extremely unlucky, they will be prosecuted for providing alcohol to a minor.

A fake ID can get you a night in jail and a fine up to $500


Jonathan Bender walked into a liquor shop confidently and placed a bottle of vodka on the cashier’s desk. When the cashier asked for his ID proof, Jonathan produced a fake ID card that he had bought for $170. As soon as the cashier saw it, he grabbed Jonathan’s wrist and ordered the store assistant to down the shutters as he called the police. Within 30 minutes Jonathan was handcuffed and was making his way to the lock-up where he would spend the night and cough up a fine of $500.

Getting a fake ID card is not more difficult than typing ‘fake ID’ in google which will turn up dozens of websites that will make you a fake ID card for a few dollars.

Chavez who works as a security in Johnny V’s bar San Jose says most of these fake ID cards are made from hotel swipe cards and some come with stick-on holograms for authenticity. Chavez, who has been doing the job of verifying IDs says that he can easily tell if a card is fake. The fake ones don’t have the signature box under the magnetic strip.

Others who use genuine ID cards but which aren’t really theirs are generally caught when their body types don’t match the person in the picture. A sure-shot way to catch a person who doesn’t look much like the photo on the card is to ask them to do the signature on the card.

People who are experienced in checking for fake IDs say that they can use a variety of methods to tell the fake ones from the genuine ones. The texture of the cards, uneven cuts on the edges and color variation the cards are usually dead give-aways that the card is fake.

While women try and talk the attendants into letting them buy booze, the men try and act confident which is usually laced with a tinge of nervousness. Just so new employees do not get buttered by a pretty face or a good body, shop managers are also known to set traps on them to check their loyalty towards the cause.

Under-age drinkers using ‘novelty’ cards


Fake identity cards which are legally sold on the internet as novelty cards are being used by under-age drinkers to buy booze. Teens as young as 14 were spotted by a BBC crew and filmed which resulted in a supermarket chain teaching its staff on distinguishing teens that are using fake IDs to buy their booze.

An investigation by the BBC crew revealed that numerous children possessed fake IDs which they regularly used to buy alcohol. One of the teens interviewed was a 14 year old girl who proudly flashed her fake ID and said she used it everyday to buy alcohol.

To personally verify how easy it was to obtain a fake ID, one of the crew members sent a false date of birth, a passport photo and 10 pounds to an address found on a website which claimed to provide the novelty cards. Within two days the card arrived ready to show that a 12 year old boy was actually 18.

Further, an 18 year old girl with a fake ID was sent to more than 8 supermarkets to check the measures they employed to keep under-age drinkers and surprisingly, all but three of them allowed the girl to buy alcohol. No questions asked. The other three relented after a couple of suspicious questions too.

When the website manager was contacted he said the cards were only meant for novelty purposes any misuse by under-age teens was not the company’s problem. He also said that misuse of such cards can happen and it’s not possible for the company to ascertain the reason why someone was purchasing the card and it’s left to the law enforcement authorities to check the misuse of such cards.

While using a fake ID card fraudulently is illegal, manufacturing or selling of such cards has not been made illegal and this has been the biggest bane in controlling under-age drinking. Supermarket staff are now receiving lessons on how to spot fake IDs.

How much trouble can your fake ID get you into?


Possessing a fake ID is a criminal offense and it’s called a misdemeanor but despite of that fact, they are all over the place with the easiest place to buy them like every other thing being the internet.

There are dozens of websites that offer various kinds of fake IDs just for a couple of dollars and if you want one that is of better quality, you can shell it a couple of hundred dollars as well.

Dana, who is eighteen years old now, got her first fake ID when she was 16 and she still uses it. She says she got it so she could enter bars and clubs. She and a friend got both their fake IDs together through another friend who had a contact who made them. They paid $50 each for the IDs and luckily for her, she has never been caught. Her friend on the other hand was identified by a good-tempered bar attendant and was let off with a warning.

These are lucky cases. If it’s one of your bad hair days, you could wake up in prison with a wicked hang-over while your dad is frantically checking up flight schedules so they can come bail you out. You can receive an imprisonment of up to a year and fine in hundreds of dollars. The penalty depends on the laws of your state. What more you may even get your driver’s license suspended for a year or more which can spell a world of problems. 

Not only is possessing a fake ID a crime, using other people’s IDs such or family members’ or friends’ IDs or altering your original IDs is a crime too. If you think you will never get caught, think again. Especially if you are using it in an area with a lot of college kids.

Authorities fight fake ID menace in Pennsylvania


GW students in Pennsylvania have been notorious for using fake IDs to enter into bars and clubs. While fake IDs are easily bought by them online or through friends who have contacts, the police are left clueless as to tracking the people who are supplying these. As the police get smarter with their detectors, so do the fake IDs as the manufacturers make sure they are a step ahead of their pursuers.

So what’s the penalty for those who are caught using fake IDs? Lt. Patrick Burke says that usually they spend a few hours in jail and follow up with some community service while the fines are usually around $50. The maximum prison sentence though can last up to 90 days and cost the offender $300. The police records show that in September, which is the month the new semester begins, more than 80 students are caught for under-age drinking and most of these possess fake IDs.

These are the times when student return for the fall and since there are no finals around, they are all in a rowdy mood and so it’s the best time to pass the message that under-age drinking will not be tolerated. Burke says that enforcement has become more stringent after the department received a $400,000 grant from the Justice Department.

Cops seem to have their own methods of nabbing culprits. The usual drill involves posting plain clothes officers at bars and clubs and sending minors to bars and clubs just to check the efficacy of the scanners in place. Cops who enter bars and clubs also check the ID cards of people who look suspicious, especially if they are hiding in a corner or trying to be discreet. There are other students who manage to make their way inside but are then too scared to drink openly so are chugging their drinks in the bathrooms.

Cops have devised their own methods to catch the culprits. But the smart always stay a step ahead. You will never get the real figures of fake IDs as those that are never caught will never count to the total.

Under-age students faking their way into bars and clubs


Josh Stevens has a driver’s license tucked away in his trouser pocket which states he is a native of White Plains, NY and is 22 years old. In reality, he has never been to White Plains and was born on a date more than 2 years after the one on the driver’s license.

Stevens is just one of the many GW students in Pennsylvania who carries a fake ID so they can fake their way into places they are not allowed into by law. Stevens shows his fake driver’s license proudly and says his license is ‘quality’ one while the others have more fake-looking fake ones. He says most of the scanners at bars and clubs pass his fake ID as genuine and has never really had a problem with it in the last 1 year. The ID card has his photo on it, the official seal of New York State and his signature, and yes, it looks very real.

Stevens, like many other GW students wanted to make his life spicier and broaden his scope for plans on a Saturday night after getting tired of ending up in movie theatres all the time. $150 and a roommate with some connections is all it took and now he says he’s never had a better life.

Students feel that after school they don’t really have too many options to choose from when it comes to ‘freaking out’ and thus they prefer getting fake IDs even if they don’t want to drink alcohol as it will allow them into cool places where you can have real fun.

Stevens chuckles and proudly says that while many of his friends’ genuine driver’s licenses have raised eyebrows and gotten bartenders and liquor store attendants suspicious, his authentic fake ID has never failed. These are teens that have access to technology, talking. They know how to get their drink on, whether there are laws or not. Anybody listening?

New age sophisticated fake ID posing a challenge to bars


Mellinger’s Beer distributor gets a visit from a teenager who flashes his fake ID. The attendant calls his bluff and turns him away. Within a few minutes another kid turns up with the same fake ID which prompts the event manager to as “What do you take me for, an idiot?”

This is the usual scene at any bar as kids try to bluff their way into buying booze. With the advent of the internet, it’s never been easier for them to get themselves fake IDs. Websites advertise with such captions such “Free fake ID templates” or “Do-it-yourself fake ID kits”. Cops are working hard to trace the sources of these fake IDs as if those are made to shut down, the kids won’t have a way to break the laws.

Pittsburgh bar and restaurant officials they never really seize fake IDs if they are caught and just ask the teen to leave unless they start causing trouble. Sometimes bartenders say they can tell fake IDs when the teens start to act jittery or obnoxious. These are dead give-away as kids who are using them for the first time are really nervous.

Some of the bartenders say that the number of fake IDs hasn’t really grown over the years but that it’s just more difficult to tell them from the real ones. They have surely become more sophisticated and harder to detect than when there were fewer computers around.

A few of the restaurants have now started using scanners which check for the authenticity of the information in an ID. These, though cannot match the photo on the ID with that of the person presenting it and doesn’t help when a teen is impersonating a family member or a friend.

Bartenders have an interest piece of news. Most of the confiscated fake IDs are rarely from Pennsylvania. Most of them come from New York, Michigan and New Jersey as these state licenses are easier to copy.

Under-age drinking fuelled by fake ID cards


A growing fake ID card industry is proving to be the biggest hurdle in combating under-age drinking. There are over a dozen companies in the UK that offer authentic-looking fake IDs to teens so that they can buy their booze even if they are under-aged.

These plastic ID cards look very real and also come in the format that the new driving licenses are being released so it’s extremely hard to detect them. Also, there are many fake ID card companies that make and sell fake international driving licenses and these are even more hard to tell as the bartenders or club attendants are not familiar with the format and layout.

David Blunkett, the Home Secretary that more almost half the bars and more than third of the off-licenses that were targeted recently had sold booze to under-aged teens who are accused of creating rackets in the town centers. One of the MPs claims that getting a fake ID card is so easy that it actually makes a joke out of the government policy that is made to control under-age drinking.

On the other hand, the websites that provide their customers the fake ID cards say that they market their cards purely as novelty items and in no case to be used as a fake ID card or to break laws. They also say that the ID cards they make are not replicas of real cards but totally fictional cards. If someone is not able to tell them from the genuine ones, then the person is doing a bad job at identifying.

The law and order enforcement agencies are having a tough time trying to book these companies for identity theft and fraud as the companies make clear on their website that the ID cards are for novelty purposes only.

There is a strong motion in the parliament to introduce laws that would be able to prosecute these companies that are fuelling under-age drinking. At the end of the day, the teens are happy. They are able to drink when ever they want, without much trouble and it doesn’t cost much either. Parents listening?

Blanchard liquor store in Allston uses technology to detect fake IDs


The Blanchard liquor store in Allston has become the first and only store in all of Boston to use a sophisticated ID scanner to weed out the fake IDs from the original ones.

When your ID is flashed in front of the device, it scrutinizes all the major parts of it such as the hologram, the shadows, and the bar codes and makes sure everything is exactly where it should be. If you are wondering if it’s a tracking device, it’s not. It only checks what should be ultra-violet and what should be infrared.

It’s a state-of-the-art device built by AssureTec  and costs $6,500. It is going to be used for security measures in the airports of Houston, Los Angeles and Santiago, Chile. AssureTec has lent the device to Blanchard’s in Allston as it’s one of the most highly populated student areas and they wanted to check the efficacy of the machine against the fake IDs that the teens usually possess for buying alcohol.

The device, named aptly named i-dentify has proved it’s mettle as each day many minors are prevented from buying their booze with a fake ID. Usually when the fake IDs are detected, copies of the fake ID are sent to the state registry of motor vehicles, the city commission for alcohol control and Boston police. In the event that a violator is studying at one of the universities, a notice is also sent to university regarding the violation.

Blanchard attendants say that September is the month when most fake IDs are recorded as it’s the beginning of the new semester and freshers try out their fake IDs without being aware of the device’s efficacy. On day’s when the rush is heavy, people’s IDs are scanned at the entrance itself and they are turned away if they possess fake IDs. The attendant says she gets to hear all sorts of words when she turns away a minor but then again it’s the question of their liquor license. 

Manhattan man arrested for trafficking illegal aliens and providing fake drivers’ licenses


Mustafa Ozsusamlar was arrested in Manhattan on charges of transporting illegal aliens, providing them with fake driver’s licenses and bribery. It is said that he had carried on his criminal activities of transporting illegal immigrants and providing them with new fake identities for over 2 years.

He was carrying on his business after he conspired with a window clerk in one of the Manhattan Motor Vehicles department offices. He had bribed the window clerk to accept application forms that had no proof of name or residence.

Ozsusamlar is said to have undertaken more than 70 trips from New York to Washington and charged his customers $1500 to $2000 which included the fake driving licenses. The immigrants who approached him usually consisted of Middle Eastern, Russian and South-East Asian people.

This incident also has evidence in the form of fake driving licenses issued in New York state being found in the Washington Motor Vehicles department where they had been exchanged for Washington driving licenses.

Mustafa had been using non-existent New York addresses on his application forms and always went to the same window clerk, Gwendolyn Dean whom he had bribed and who then processed the application forms for him without any proof whatsoever.

Ms.Dean has been handed a prison stint of 4 years and 9 months being charged as a co-conspirator. Rafet Ozoglu, another of Mustafa’s accomplices was also charged with conspiracy after it was found that he was soliciting for the illegal immigrants and used to help in their transportation.

Man arrested in Rohnert Park over vending of fake IDs


A Rohnert Park man was arrested from his home after he was suspected of running a fake ID ring. Investigations are on, on whether he supplied fake IDs to an unsupervised booze party that was held in Orinda where a minor was also killed.

Robert Scott, the 22 year old Rohnert youth was found in his home in possession of fake IDs and fake ID making equipment. He is said to have been selling the fake IDs all over the state for prices that ranged from $160 to $300 depending on the authenticity of the fake IDs.

The investigation that is now being carried on deals with the May 23rd party where one of the teens died due to alcohol overdose and whether any of the members of the party got their fake IDs from Scott.

Two people were also arrested in the illegal party on counts of providing alcohol to minors and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Both of the arrested are minors and personal contacts of the teen who died in the party. The arrested teens are now out on bail.

Scott on the other hand has been charged with forgery and identity theft and is out of custody now after paying a bail amount of $60,000.

Motor vehicles department employees busted in a fake ID case


Over 40 employees working with the Motor Vehicles department of New York where arrested for charges of selling more than 700 fake drivers’s licenses and other fake IDs to illegal aliens confirmed federal authorities in Manhattan.

Otto G. Obermaier, a US attorney said that the 18 month investigation about a suspected organized ring of fake ID sellers that included state workers resulted in the uncovering of the racket. In total, 57 people have been charged with trafficking, manufacturing and selling of fake IDs like driving licenses, learner’s permits, fake registrations and other documents related to the Motor Vehicles department.

These arrests have been touted to be one of the biggest roundups of public servants on corruption charges in recent history. The enforcement officials that included police officers, officials from the office of the US attorney and officials of the Motor Vehicles departments simultaneously swooped down on four branches of the motor vehicles department, one in Brooklyn, one in Bronx and two in Manhattan included the homes of some of the suspects.

The investigation is said to have uncovered a big ring of organized corrupt state employees in indulged in the manufacturing and selling of fake IDs related to motor-vehicles. Most of the transactions, it is said, were made in connection with gang leaders and were underground. These fake IDs are said to have cost anywhere from $250 to $1000 and the purchasers were usually illegal aliens, criminals or those people who were in the normal course unable to obtain the IDs legally.

The IDs were in great demand among the customers as these were easily accepted by various government and non-governmental organizations such as banks, the police, departmental stores, and other institutions.

The employees had access to all official documents, validating stamps and ID supplies and therefore had a vantage point in running the racket successfully.

Fake driving license racket busted in Surat


A fake driving license racket, which operated from Ichapore area in the city, has been busted by the police and three persons have been arrested pertaining to the case.

Police said that the licenses for truck drivers transporting consignments of big industries in Hazira were being prepared by the accused.

The police of Ichapore raided a photo studio belonging to Mahesh Balchandra Dhavade based on a tip-off that fake driving licenses were being produced at the studio in the Hazira area. A lamination machine, color printer and one computer was seized. Original copies of licenses, which were issued by different states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra , Madhya Pradesh, Punjab ,etc were stored on the computer by the accused.

The police have said that the accused, a resident of village Kawas, took passport photos of his clients and pasted it on the original licenses which were stored on his computer. He would then take a printout and issue it. Anywhere from Rs 200 to Rs 250 was charged for every fake driving license.

Ravikumar Mishra and Krupashanker Vaidnath Singh are the other two identified pertaining to the racket. These are residents of village Kawas and they assisted Dhavade in producing fake driving licenses.

B K Dodhia the Police Assistant Commissioner (ACP) of the G-Division, said that  the racket was operating at Ichhapore from few a months and that copies of driving licenses of different states were stored by the accused. He would prepare driving licenses from this. He also said that all the lamination machines, computers and many other different equipments present in the studio were seized.

Dodia also said that in a few incidents, the truck drivers disappeared with trucks loaded with goods and that it was difficult to locate them as they had submitted fake driving licenses.

Couple manufacturing Fake IDs nabbed in the UK


Adrian Holmes and Lucy Sanders, UK couples who ran an international fake ID ring were nabbed today from their homes. They were manufacturing fake IDs using their home as a factory and had reportedly amassed a fortune of close to 300,000 pound sterling in the last 2 years.

The couple who ran a website called as uwantid.com usually catered to the youth who were desperate for fake ID cards to buy alcohol. The couple had orders from as far as Nigeria, Singapore, Japan, Pakistan and Dubai although the lion’s share of their business was in the UK were the some of their customers had given them reviews which extolled their abilities in making fake IDs.

Adrian Holmes followed a truly sophisticated method of making fake IDs and provided everything from unique ID numbers to holograms, signatures and chips in multiple languages. The only thing his customers had to do was to mail him their photograph, name, signature and date of birth and they would have their fake IDs in a few days time. He charged as little as 20 pounds for each fake ID. UK driving licenses, EU driver’s permits and international driving licenses were his specialties.

Adrian Holmes has been sentences to 24 months in prison while his wife, Sanders who was in tears, has received a 12 month sentence. It was noted by the prosecution that the couple did not really care what their fake IDs were being used or misused for as long as they got their pay. An amount of 165,000 pounds were found in one of their bank accounts and it was revealed that the couple together churned out as many as 40 fake ID cards a day.

The prosecutors held it to be a landmark judgment which would help them take their fight against fake IDs to the next level.

Fake IDs to save your lives


Fake IDs are extremely popular among kids in the US. They are mostly used to con bartenders in pubs and discos so that the kids can get their share of alcohol.

In another part of the world in Iraq, fake IDs serve an entire different purpose. They are used to stay alive. Illegal checkpoints are a nightmare in Iraq in the capital city of Baghdad where militiamen from two sects, namely the Shia and Sunni sects check for travelers and passers-by identity to target people of the opposite sects.

The fake IDs are mostly handwritten and have the name of the carrier and his photograph on it. Although they do not specify the sect of the person, the first names, place of residence and place of birth usually give out what sect the person belongs to. Most Iraqis now carry two sets of IDs and produce one or the other depending on who is asking for it.

Eastern Gate on Sadun street is a hotspot for buying fake IDs in Baghdad, so is the Mredi bazaar in Sadr city. These fake IDs cost only about $10 to $15 and are usually good enough to con the radical militiamen.

Conflicts between the two sects has become bloody in the recent days in Baghdad which roughly as an equal number of both sects. Militiamen of the two sects routinely target civilians and militiamen of the opposite sects. In Eastern Baghdad, Shiite militiamen recently descended on a peaceful Sunni neighbourhood and shoot dead people who were suspected to be Sunnis.

In a similar incident, 10 Shiites passing through a Sunni neighbourhood in Dora where ambushed and dragged out of their van to be killed just because they were not Sunnis.

Extensive forgery of driving license


The district is witnessing a extensive increase in fake driving license. The police say there are about 2,000 fake licenses. Majority consists of the younger generation, who earn more by running additional auto rickshaws or vans in rural areas.

Five persons have been arrested in connection with forging the driving licenses. The Nedumangadus superintendent of police said that they have recovered 31 fake cards and books of licenses from the accused and that these were supplied from a printing press located in Tamil Nadu and the agents sold them for INR 3500 or more to those that posed as buyers. The mufti police nabbed them.

In June, a tip-off given by a local helped the Fort police arrest three miscreants connecting to the seizure of fake driving licenses said the then Circle Inspector of fort T.F. Xaviour . A photograph and Rs 2000 was given to an agent located in manacaud by him as he was assured that he would get a license without taking the driving license test which the department of motor vehicles conducted. On receiving the license, the resident realized that he had been cheated. The agent was arrested by the police .The police then realized that the fake driving license cards were printed at a printing press located in Vanchiyoor. The images of an original licensce were downloaded to a computer and the particulars, such as the picture, address and name on it were changed. M. Radhakrishnan, the circle inspector (traffic) said that presently no system was in place for instantaneously verifying if a license was original or duplicate and that several cases were reported wherein a person booked for drunken driving or over speeding did not come back and collect his license back.

While the police were verifying if the submitted licenses were fake, the department of motor vehicles is ready to go for licenses based on smart cards which cannot be tampered with easily.

Use of Fake IDs by terrorists


On March 20, 2003 every FBI wireless set carried one single name Adnan  G. El Shukrimujah. FBI was on a manhunt of a suspect an Al Qaeda terrorist, last found near Miami, who knows to speak English and also fly planes, was branded as a serious threat toUS citizens. In spite of combing each and every corner of the world and pasting his photos in every street, he is still in large. The reason? A fake green card and forged passports in six different names.

Although this is one isolated case, after September 11 authorities discovered that eighteen of thenineteen terrorists had used fake IDs to carry out their tasks. A few days after the infamous attacks, a raid on a sub-urban apartment in Dearborn, Michigan, belonging to members suspected  of being in Al Qaeda yielded a huge amount of fake passports. In a similar raid by FBI on March 12 produced 30000 bogus documents worth $3 million. Soon security was beefed up in major chemical and nuclear plants with higher scrutinization of IDs.

All these stood testimony to the belief of many immigration experts that fake ID business in US was worth at least $1 billion annually, which produced fake passports, all kinds of birth certificates, drivers licenses and social security cards. It is estimated that there are about 8.7 million illegal immigrants in the US. For all these immigrants the first step in getting a job is procuring an ID known as ” Breeders”. Using these other forms of IDs like passports or driver’s license can be obtained without the slightest problem. Most of these factories popularly called as Document mill are more often than not run by criminal networks like Chinese people- smugglers, Russian mafia and Mexican drug traffickers.

Establishing a unique ID card powered by DNA biometrics and retinal scans would prove effective in repealing fake- document trade. But due to political interests, this idea is scrapped, both right and left seeing it as an invasion on personal freedom, a stand which most Americans approve of. So unless this political scene changes, the fake – document business will continue to flourish.

Fake ID seller in the Sept. 11 case given probation


A man who sold fake IDs to the hijackers in the September 11 bombings was given 5 years probation and also fined $15,000. The judge said she wished the penalties were higher.

Mohammad El-Atriss, an Egyptian national ran fake ID manufacturing rings in Elizabeth and Paterson. He has admitted to this crime which he says was catered to illegal immigrants. He has been making anywhere from $1,300 to $1,500 each day through the racket.

13 other charges were dropped against him which were a part of the plea bargain. Initially considered extremely dangerous, the authorities banned the public from attending his bail hearings and the court transcripts were kept secret. No evidence either from Egyptian or American authorities has been found that can link him to terrorism.

El-Atriss has served 169 days in custody with US authorities and another 11 days in custody of the Egyptian authorities and the same as been given credit.

He made a public statement outside the courtroom pleading the American public that they not label him a terrorist.

He had admitted to selling fake IDs to Khalid Almihdhar who was onboard the plane that crashed into the Pentagon and also to Abdulaziz Almori who was the terrorist who commandeered one of the planes that brought down the WTC though he was stated he had no idea of who they were or what plans they had. “ I regret having sold them the fake IDs but I do not feel responsible in any way to the tragedy that ensued” says El-Atriss.

Judge Marilyn Clark of the Superior court and Steven Brizek, the prosecutor stated that the laws battling the manufacture and sale of fake IDs need to be made more stringent taking note of the fact that El-Atriss continued his illegal business of selling fake IDs even 10 months after the tragic 7/11 incident.

US agents target Fake ID sales in raids


19 people were arrested in raids last afternoon when federal agents raided a commercial strip in Adams Morgan. The 19 people arrested are to be charged with selling fake identity cards. The fake IDs were being openly being sold on the side walk and authorities say everything from driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and green cards were being put on sale in front of a shoe store.

In a very similar raid in Prince George’s county’s Hyatsville area, 4 men were arrested in an apartment that’s been called a ‘document mill’. Fake permanent residency cards and driver’ licenses sold for as little as $80 and $20 respectively were being manufactured in this apartment.

These arrests come in the light of Operation Card Shark where the Customs and Immigration Enforcement authorities intend to target the sale of fake ID cards in the open market in Adams Morgan and Washington area. The immigration agents have joined hands with members from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have sent in their agents to mark one of the biggest raids in Adams Morgan which is notorious for the manufacturing and sale of Fake IDs.

Adams Morgan’s long running fake ID market has started gaining momentum and public attention after the September 11 attacks and law enforcement authorities conducted 2 raids in June this year in order to curb the illegal activities. Adams Morgan is a center of the Latino community.

“The recent threat of terrorism has made law enforcement agencies take a tough stance on the sale and manufacture of fake IDs as most terrorist incidents involve the use of fake IDs” said unnamed authorities from the FBI.

Operation Card Shark has so far succeeded in closing down three organized fake ID vending organizations, 5 document mills and has recovered fake documents worth a whopping $450,000.

The trade still continues. Most of them underground.

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