University Card
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University Card


A classic, crisp blue design with a strong, grid-based layout. The University Card is a simple yet effective card design. Machine readable barcode, scanned signature and hologram overlay as standard. Reverse of card features a magnetic stripe.

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Front of Card

Customisable Options :

Print your photo in black and white or full colour.
We personalise your card with your signature, which can either be your actual signature or an autogenerated one.

Barcode is your card number in Code 39.

Reverse of Card

The reverse of the card has a grid for your card biometric data, including issue & expiry date and microtext machine-readable serial number.

Both sides of the card feature an optional UV layer which is only visible when the card is held under an ultraviolet light.

Product Information

Credit card sized, flexible plastic card with rounded corners. Dimensions 86mm x 54mm (CR80 Standard).

Printed in high definition on Industry Standard PET card stock.

PolyGuard hologram overlay applied to face finishes the card with a tough, durable protective layer.