EU Identification Card
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EU Identification Card


Designed with the citizens of the EU in mind, but available to all, it features translations of key card elements in four different EU languages. The card is made even more impressive with a scanned signature, custom flag choice and machine-readable scannable text.
The front of the card is further enhanced and protected by a custom hologram overlay which refracts a globe design and microtext in multi-spectral hues when tilted to the light.

Customisable parts include flag and country identifier, scanned signature and printed photo with secondary ghost image for security. Available in 10 different colour schemes with optional customised card title of your choice.
As with all our cards, the EU ID card features hologram overlay as standard. Enhance it further with a uniquely designed UltraViolet security layer which is only visible under UltraViolet light.

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Front of Card

Photo (in black or white), signature and custom flag choice. “2019” on the card will be printed as 2023.
Striped interlocking gradient background graphics with ghost image and microtext.
Hologram laminate layer applied to front of card as standard.

Reverse of Card

Replication of the interlocking gradient feature in grayscale. Scannable hi-coercivity magnetic stripe. Machine readable scannable OCR card serial number, uniquely generated.

Feature List

High quality printed plastic card, same dimensions as a bank card.

Multicolour microprint, detailed micro image elements.

Intricate multi-spectrum holographic overlay applied to front of card.

Scanner friendly serial number in OCR-B machine typeface to reverse.