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Fake Diplomas, Fake Degrees

“Oh, I’m not a doctor.” Didn’t do well at school? Get a fake degree and fool everyone…

Fake Diplomas, Fake Degrees and other dodgy qualifications all at a click of a button

We’ve found many sites on the web offering novelty fake doctorates, diplomas, degrees and other qualifications. We can only assume these are for joking around, the kind of thing you’d buy your uncle for his 50th birthday or something.

There’s just no way in this day and age that one could successfully “pass off” one of these diplomas as real. Any prospective employer can just search your alleged qualification online.

It seems that the issuing colleges, universities or institutions are either made up or of long since closed places.

Feast your eyes on the sites we found below, offering diplomas and other dodgy degrees at prices ranging from $50 to $500.

⚠ We don’t know these sites, we just found them in a Google search. You’ll probably get something from them, we don’t know. Don’t blame us if you lose money.

Fake Bills, Bank Statements

There’s loads of sites offering a wide range of fake statements, bills etc for Paypal, Credit Card verification etc. Again, we have no clue if any of the sites you find on the web are real or not.

Sites like “Second Eye Solutions” seem to offer a load of stuff like this. It turns out they were indeed “legit” in that they were milling out loads of fake bank statements, utility bills and the like. Buyers would use these documents to get verified for all sorts of online services, and other more run-of-the-mill crimes like mortgage fraud.

The two chaps behind the site were charged by the FBI for aggravated identity theft recently. Presumably they’ve cancelled any holidays to Disneyworld.

It’s probably also well illegal to use these kind of documents to circumvent KYC/AML or banking regulations.

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