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How to make a fake ID : the complete authoritative guide.

It’s a total waste of time, don’t bother your arse.

Is it possible to make a fake ID at home? Yes.

Is it possible to make a 100% passable, identical copy of an existing card at home? No.

As explained in more detail here , it’s simply impossible to make a convincing copy of a state or government issued ID card at home.

Up until about 2005, you could still make a reasonable approximation of some types of ID card using an inkjet or colour laser printer, but in 2022 the technology behind ID card manufacturer has moved on.

At the very minimum you’ll need a plastic card printer which is going to set you back about £500/$750 on ebay.

You’ll then need to get a hold of the relevant Fake ID templates from a torrent site, mess around in Photoshop or Illustrator for hours and ultimately, the results will not be worth your time.

Anyway, if you want to ignore this and plough on, we’ve reviewed a few videos on Fake ID manufacture below.

PVC Card Printing (A Short & Complete Guide)

This isn’t actually real PVC printing, rather it uses an inkjet or laser printer and pre-perforated sheets of Teslin. You can see a comparison between PVC printers and Teslin here.



📈 FakeID.co.uk rating 6/10

How to Make a Fake ID Card

Dire, low quality screen capture of some guy trying to edit a scan of a genuine ID card.


📈 FakeID.co.uk rating 1/10

How to use Android app to make a fake ID



Unbeliveably crap videos with horrendous sound, showing how a terrible free Android app can be used to make a fake ID that will pass verification. There are other options to get fake ID documents for KYC verification.

📈 FakeID.co.uk rating 2/10

Make a “Plastic” fake ID using a laminator and die cutter


Semi-professional video showing how to replicate “plastic” printing using a laminator and CR-80 sized die punch tool.



Another similar set of videos with similarly poor results.

📈 FakeID.co.uk rating 6/10

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